Novel inland waterway transport concepts for moving freight effectively

Basel session for stakeholders on the 17th of May

NOVIMOVE Innovation Showcase
“Transforming Inland Waterway Transport in the Upper Rhine”

The NOVIMOVE team warmly invites stakeholders from the Upper Rhine region to join us on the morning of Friday, May 17th in Basel. In just two hours, we will update you on the outcomes of the NOVIMOVE Smart & Sustainable Waterways research project, funded by the European Commission.

Within NOVIMOVE, our team, comprising scientists, port industry representatives, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, has collaborated over the past few years to address some of the challenges in transporting goods via inland waterways, particularly along the Rhine-Alpine corridor.

Key questions we sought to answer include:

  • Can new ship designs be conceived to cope with fluctuations in water levels on the Rhine, ensuring goods can continue to be transported during low water periods?
  • Is it possible to improve route and lock planning on waterways to shorten travel times, enhance efficiency (less fuel required), and maximize cargo load (based on real-time depth measurements)?

Taking everything into account, it has been demonstrated that the sum of the innovative solutions developed and evaluated is positive. We are eager to share just how significant the benefits of the NOVIMOVE innovations are during this exclusive session in Basel.


Port of Switzerland
Hochbergerstrasse 160
4057 Basel, Zwitserland

We can provide a link for participants to attend the meeting online.


10:00   Coffee and registration

10:10   Welcome (Marta Martin, Port of Switzerland)

10:20  NOVIMOVE project highlights summary (Erwin van der Linden, NOVIMOVE team)

10.30  Introduction of fluctuating water vessel designs + discussion (Sophie-Elizabeth Martens, DST)

11.15   Introduction of cargo consolidation and new container terminal concept + discussion (prof. Edwin van Hassel, University of Antwerp)

12.00  Lunch

13.00  End of session



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