Novel inland waterway transport concepts for moving freight effectively

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Close cooperation

NOVIMOVE brings new elements towards well-regulated stakeholders’ networks such as terminals and lock planning frameworks. Successful introduction of the new elements requires close cooperation with responsible actors such as stevedores’ networks and national waterway authorities.

Innovative products being key results such as mobile terminal concept furthermore require active participation of potential end users for consent, participation, expertise and – eventually –  deployment.

The NOVIMOVE team highly values good relations with the relevant stakeholders, striving for the building of a community in which close consultation with the stakeholders can take place.

Who can join the community?

  • Ship owners and operators in IWT;
  • End customer that needs transport;
  • Logistics stakeholders in seaports, inland ports and terminals;
  • Port authorities, traffic centres, infrastructure authorities etc. not involved in the project;
  • The national, European and international maritime knowledge centres and regulatory bodies, NGO’s;
  • Maritime vocational and academic educational bodies and institutes
  • Logistics community (waterborne, rail, road)
  • Science community
  • Related EU-projects in the field of IWT, logistics and transportation


Benefits of being a registered stakeholder

1. Contact with the project core team

2. Direct impact on the increase of IWT transport and cargo volumes

3. Participation in workshops, midterm and final conference

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