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Join Us for a Watershed Moment: The NOVIMOVE Closing Event

The NOVIMOVE Smart & Sustainable Waterways team cordially invites you to the closing gathering on Tuesday, May 28 in Gorinchem, Netherlands. From 12:00 PM, we would be delighted to welcome you for an informative lunch at the Van der Valk hotel. Afterwards, we will visit the Maritime Industry fair as a group, located just across from the hotel. Expect a varied afternoon during which we will proudly showcase the innovations we have worked on over the past four years. We expect these to have a lasting, positive impact on the targeted improvement of goods transportation over water along the Rhine-Alpine corridor!

The program for which we invite you will be as follows:

    • At 12:00 PM, we will update you on the project results. This will be done in both English and Dutch to lower any communication barriers. We will do this during a delightful lunch, provided by the Van der Valk hotel in a spacious foyer. Here, you can also informally build your network and approach the researchers, institutions, and companies who have enriched their knowledge in the field of inland waterway transport and its optimization during this period. They are eager to share their knowledge and experience with you!
    • At 1:30 PM, we will prepare to walk 300 meters to the Maritime Industry fair. First stop? The Knowledge Theater! There is no better place to delve deeper into the themes of Smart Navigation and Dynamic Lock Scheduling: two systems that can reduce waiting times at lock passages by up to 15%.
    • From about 2:30 PM, we will move a few dozen meters to learn more about new ship designs that allow continuous navigation over the Rhine even at highly fluctuating water levels. For this, our partners DST will specially bring one of their famous yellow model ships from Germany.
    • Subsequently, starting from 3.00 pm you can play the serious game that incorporates all NOVIMOVE innovations, to experience how the theory translates into practice. Experts from the University of Antwerp will be available to guide you. The stakeholder meeting will end around 3:00 PM. If you register, we will also arrange access to the fair for you. You do not need to register separately for this.

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