Novel inland waterway transport concepts for moving freight effectively


Thank you for your time to help completing the communication, dissemination and exploitation efforts. Since the success of NOVIMOVE is our joint effort, we are happy to build upon each others’ experiences and strenghts. The questionnaire below will take app. 10-15 minutes to complete.

    1a. Please provide below a quote or testimonial describing the importance of participating in NOVIMOVE for you and/or your company. We will use this on the partner section of our webpage.

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    6. Please share your preferred target audiences with us. You can think of certain organizations, professional groups or (EU funded) projects.

    7. Following the question above: who will ultimately benefit from NOVIMOVE efforts in your eyes - and why?

    8. Whom would you like to invite for participation in a stakeholder group (waterway management authorities, end users, logistic stakeholders). Here you can introduce persons from your network. We will contact them.

    9. Please share with us any additional content (strategy papers, images, roadmaps) that you consider relevant to the NOVIMOVE Project.

    10. Let’s keep NOVIMOVE creative and engaging! Please share a tagline, slogan or call to action of your choice for the project with us!

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