Novel inland waterway transport concepts for moving freight effectively

Video update #8: A visit to Systems Navigators

This NOVIMOVE – smart & sustainable waterways video news update features Eva Christopoulou and Ivo Majoor, both simulation consultants at Systems Navigator.

This update shows the important work that these talented researchers are doing in the NOVIMOVE project: developing a simulation scenario in which the individual NOVIMOVE innovations are brought together with the aim of assessing the effects at a higher level of analysis.

During this two-day summer workshop in Delft, Eva and Ivo met with academic researchers from Delft University of Technology and the University of Antwerp 🌍, which is a perfect example of the academic-business research relationships encouraged by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 funding opportunities. 💡

In the coming months, the model will be further refined and integrated into the Serious Game 🕹️. Once completed, the Serious Game will allow stakeholders, students, and researchers to learn more about NOVIMOVE innovations 🚢, such as new vessel designs, cargo handling principles, and intelligent scheduling systems, and provide their feedback to further optimize the current inefficiencies in the inland waterway supply chain.

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Video update #8: A visit to Systems Navigators
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