Novel inland waterway transport concepts for moving freight effectively

Going East

On the 7th of December the NOVIMOVE project was introduced by Erwin van der Linden at the 2nd Workshop on container liner services organised by the Dionysus project – integrating the Danube Region into Smart & Sustainable Multi-modal & Intermodal Transport Chains.

The Dionysus project focuses on addressing main regional challenges in infrastructure governance and planning highlighting key actions needed to support Danube transport, port infrastructure planning. Project results will feed into the elaboration of transport corridor development policies by means of gap analysis reports and recommendations.

The December workshop aimed to provide a chance to stakeholders from the Danube region to familiarize themselves with the experiences of other regions in the Container-on-Barge development. It enabled workshop participants to acknowledge key success factors for container barging and hopefully get some ideas on how to initiate these services on the Danube.

The NOVIMOVE project aims to improve the logistic efficiencies on the Rhine-Alpine corridor by solving existing inefficiencies. Workshops such as these prove to be valuable opportunities to be sharing complementary experiences between the two main rivers regions of Europe and are a fruitful example of solid professional stakeholder involvement strategies of both projects.

Going East
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