Novel inland waterway transport concepts for moving freight effectively

Call for papers

NOVIMOVEs professor Edwin van Hassel, University of Antwerp and assistant professor Bilge Atasoy, TU Delft will be guest editors of the upcoming EEE OJ-ITS Special Issue on Innovations to improve the efficiency of inland waterway transport. Papers can be send until 30th of June 2022.

In order to achieve successful intermodal transport operations, all forms of transport need to be coordinated so that transport capacity is utilized more effectively and the decisions are adapted to changing network conditions more easily.

Inland waterway transport (IWT) represents a critical alternative in the case of hinterland transport for sustainability of the transport networks. If part of the freight load can  be transferred to waterways, congestion and other externalities can be targeted easier.

In order to better make use of waterways, the attractiveness of inland waterways among other modes needs to be improved. Therefore, different (international) research projects (such as the NOVIMOVE project) are working on innovations related to new logistical concepts, intelligent transport systems, technological developments, coordination and collaboration mechanisms.

One can send papers for this special issue, addressing those innovations and the topics including but not limited to:

  • intermodal/synchromodal transport models (e.g., planning, behavioural models)
  • optimization and control models for coordination of transport operations within inland waterways (e.g., coordination of locks and bridges) as well as across different
  • innovative logistical concepts (e.g. mobile terminals, cargo consolidation) towards sustainability
  • innovations to overcome congestion at deep-sea terminals
  • collaborative planning for improving transport operations
  • information sharing platforms for coordination of transport operations
  • data-driven techniques for efficient IWT operations
  • autonomous vessel developments and new vessel types
  • innovative navigation techniques

The deadline is 30 June 2022 and the accepted papers will be published upon acceptance as early access. The papers received earlier than the deadline will be processed right away.

Submission link (choose โ€œSpecial Section: Innovations to Improve the Efficiency of Inland Waterway Transport 2021โ€)

Note that, the standard conditions of IEEE OJ-ITS apply to this special issue, see:

Article processing charges are typically 100% discounted by many universities and institutes so please check with your organization.

Call for papers
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