Novel inland waterway transport concepts for moving freight effectively

Demonstrating new vessel concepts

🚀 Exciting Milestone Alert in Sustainable Waterway Transport! 🚀

We recently celebrated a significant milestone in the NOVIMOVE – smart & sustainable waterways project, a visionary initiative funded by the European Commission aimed at revolutionizing the inland waterway transport sector. This project underscores our commitment to fostering a resilient and sustainable transportation ecosystem in the face of climate change.

🌍 Climate change presents unprecedented challenges for the inland shipping industry, notably the extreme fluctuations in water levels. Our ability to navigate these changes is crucial for maintaining the vital role of inland waterways in our transport sector.

🔍 NOVIMOVE partner DST – Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems has meticulously explored several potential adaptations. Through a series of validations, they have developed a promising solution in a controlled lab environment: Extractable Sideboxes. This innovation provides extra buoyancy to ships when and where needed, showcasing our proactive approach towards a future marked by uncertainty.

🎥 Dive into the details with an explanatory video, captured by Erwin van der Linden using his inseparable Nikon Z8, from every conceivable angle – yes, even from the bottom of the basin!

👏 A huge round of applause for DST’s development team Sophie-E. Martens, Benjamin Friedhoff and their colleagues, is in order. Achieving airtight chambers was no small feat. The question now is, will we see this design navigating our waterways in the near future? It ultimately depends on its business case, weighing the extra weight of the construction against its economic impact under critical conditions.

🗓️ Mark your calendars! The NOVIMOVE project’s final conference is set for May 28 in Gorinchem. We are eager to share our results and discuss the implementation of these innovative ideas with you.

Funded by the Horizon H2020 Programme of the European Union under grant agreement No 858508

Join us in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for a smart and sustainable future in waterway transport. hashtag#NOVIMOVE hashtag#SustainableTransport hashtag#Innovation hashtag#ClimateResilience hashtag#Waterw

Demonstrating new vessel concepts
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