Novel inland waterway transport concepts for moving freight effectively

Preparing for the final event

🚢 Walk the walk, talk the talk!

Putting the MOVE from NOVIMOVE into action, the DST – Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems team is gearing up for the final stakeholder event tomorrow at the Maritime Industry Fair in Gorinchem.

Expect our team to brief you on the latest ship designs for fluctuating water levels. Benjamin Friedhoff and Sophie-E. Martens will showcase three innovative solutions developed within the NOVIMOVE project. One highlight is the pipe-based added buoyancy, demonstrated by this ship model.

NOVIMOVE – smart & sustainable waterways has thoroughly investigated the technical, operational, and economic viability of these concepts and tested them in their Duisburg lab. Now, we are proud to bring one of these models to the Maritime Industry Fair for a world premiere at the Innovation Plaza (first floor).

Join us for our presentation on Tuesday, May 28th, from app. 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM. You are most welcome to attend!

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Preparing for the final event
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